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Szolláth-Házi Lovely "Lonely"
Date of birth: 2005-07-17
Sire: Devils of York Ranger
Dame: Szolláth-Házi Datphne
  • Patellaficam: Grade 0.
  • Results:
    • Tenyészthetõ / Breedable

    CH Devils of York Ranger
    ICH Durrer's Caught You Look'n
    CH Durrer's Hearty Applause
    AM CH-CAN.CH Durrer's Bravo Bravo
    Sheland's High Stepper
    CH Durrer's Watch Me Sizzle
    CAN.CH-AM.CH Durrer's Ace High
    CAN.CH.- Durrer's Gotta Gimme Gidget
    CH Devils of York Qantana Mera
    CH Parkside's Okie Dokie
    AM.CH. Caraneal's Charged and Ready
    USA CH Parkside's Ode To Joy
    CH Devils of York Hell-Cat
    Loulou-Blue du Gue de L'Adour
    Devils of York Afrodite
    Szolláth-Házi Datne
    Aranyhaj Sam
    CH Réchy Up Of Millmoor
    CH My Precious Keep-Up
    My Preciuous Kalicanto
    Tűzfényű-Héra Kiki
    Trabant v Treuen Freund
    Veralyn's Angel
    Dorina of Mygo Little Mountain
    ICH CH Lonely Tune's Clone Trotter
    CH Globe Trotter De Majodian
    W.CH-FIN.CH Lonely Tune's Hot Love Affair
    Pearly-Eyes Cassandra
    CH Agria Drinking-Song
    Lovely-Look Ami

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