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Dorina Of Mygo Little Mountain
Date of birth: 2002-07-5
Sire: CH Lonely Tune's Clone Trotter "Chas"
Dame: Pearly-Eyes Cassandra
  • Patellaficam: Grade 0
  • Tenyészthetõ / Breedable

CH Lonely Tune's Clone Trotter "Chas"
CH Globe Trotter De Majodian
INT.CH Yorkboro High Priority
AM.CH Rothby's Rambo of Yorktowne
AM.CH Yorkboro All Time Hight
Edition Speicale de Majodian
AM.CH Turyanne's Love Sidney
Tequila Du Petit Mas
CH Lonely Tune's Hot Love Affair
CH Heros Eponyme de Majodian
INT.CH-EUR.GY Debonaire's Mini Snob
Flou Artistique De Majodian
CH H'Octopussy De Majodian
MULTI.CH. Guelue D'Amour De Majodian
Elite Des Caprices De Thalassa
Pearly-Eyes Cassandra
CH Agria Drinking-Song
CH Esco Royal Town of Garden
CH Royal Imagertown of Garden
CH Princess-Helena Town of Garden
Loesje vd Biestse Hoeve
Silver Beauty vd Hooghe Stee
Taphne vd Biestse Hoeve
Lovely-Look Ami
CH Zuglómenti Ezüst Aramis
CH Filip Vanesska
Dina "Queen"
Pondámusz Nixi
Bijou Ferociter
Lord York's Candy

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