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   Welcome to our website!

   Many years have passed since our first Yorkshire terrier invaded our life. We have learnt since than through several experiences of success and defeat that breeding different dogs, endeavoring that the descendant carries better features than its parents, means huge responsibility and challenge. Dogs have taught us what can not be learnt from books. And this experience may have been the best schoolmaster which can not be substituted by a handbook. Step by step using consciously the specific breed lines, taking friendly advices of master breeders we have developed our kennel.

   Our dogs are not perfect. How could they be... Selecting our breeding females we pay much attention, that the known genetical background of the dog should meet the minimum requirements set by us for ourselves. We have never kept a young dog in case a deviation from standard in the litter or any other fault occurs even if the anatomy of the particular puppy-dog would have been acceptable.

   In the recent 3 years our dogs underwent a medical filter as well. By today we have reached that several of our breeding females are proven to be free of certain illnesses not only 'in the first generation'. That certainly does not mean that we do not have to cope with such problems at all but we make efforts to do our best eliminating these problems.

   In 2002 beside the very much alive natured terrier our first 'society dog' arrived at our kennel. Than we conceived what does the proverb 'shih-tzu in the center of the earth' mean. We got to know the two extremes of dog nature. We fell in love with the chrysanthemum-headed puppy. We have had some defeats too. Our HJCH Abigail gave an early birth at first and her life could only be safely rescued by removing her injured uterus. Later our fires own-breed, retained pup died at the age of 4 months of volvulus.

   Later we received the compensation for all misfortunes... In 2005 "Nutella" the firs chocolate-white female of our kennel came to life followed by „Chokolade Caramell” later Hot Chokolade” and „Ice Coffee”, of course all dogs with liver-brown pigment. Beside the originally dark-colored females (black-white and particolor) maintaining and fixing this rare color became our goal. Though Nutella and Chokolade Caramell do not live with us, we hope Hot Chokolade and Ice Coffe will help us to reach our aim.

   In case our laboursome everyday work is made more difficult by unsucces or simply 'problem' we try to step ahead thinking of the below:

"I do not giving it up because things keep on going the same way and in the end Your own powerlessness becomes Your largest enemy." /Ferenc Demjén/

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